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All Weather Shade Net Protection

Shade Tech SA. We have the experience to provide the best quality products, materials and service on offer. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is backed by an 8 year guarantee on materials and a 10 year guarantee on structure. We use only SABS Approved Components & Materials.

We service nationwide!

Shade Net Car Ports

Car Ports

Aesthetically appealing,
Cost Effective and Durable.

Outdoor Tension Pannels

Tension pannels

For Patios, walkways, Swimming pools,
Outdoor play areas & more.

Outdoor Lapa Blinds

outdoor lapa blinds

Close off area in winter.
Ideal for lapas, patios, verandas.

Agri Shade Protection

Agri Shade

Agricultural protection solution
from weather elements

Wind Break & Barrier

Wind Break & Barrier

Reduces wind velocity. Excellent weathering, chemical and crack-resistant properties.

Soil Stabilizer

Soil Stabilizer

Soil stabilization nets for rehabilitation of grasses and other vegetation. Reduces wind and water soil erosion.